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Treatments and benefits

Kangaroo Reflexology focuses on baby and maternity reflexology and can help with the following:

Baby Reflexology • "Treat Me and Teach Mummy"

Reflexology can improve sleep patterns, can boost the immune system and help with the symptoms of colics, reflux, constipation, wind, tummy upsets, teething pains and ear congestion. It can also help calm and relax babies as well as strengthen the developing bond between mothers and babies. According to the Association of Reflexologists, “reflexology is totally safe and suitable for babies. They are incredibly receptive to ‘touch’ so they can gain benefits from the shortest of treatments”. I will focus on the specific needs of your baby and will adapt a treatment accordingly. I will also teach you, the mum, a few simple and easy to learn techniques to use at home with your baby. You can incorporate short reflexology sequences in to your morning, afternoon or bedtime routines. Once you realise reflexology is possible in your new baby’s routine, you will truly value its benefits.

Mother Post Natal Reflexology • "Treat Mummy"

Many women seek out reflexology during their pregnancy but the benefits of postpartum reflexology are equally as beneficial. Reflexology can reduce the incidence of symptoms caused by the following post natal conditions: post natal muscular pain and pain experienced during feeding time (back, neck and shoulder pain), water retention, stress, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, adrenal and thyroid support. If you are choosing to breastfeed, reflexology can aslo support your hormonal balance and breastmilk production.

Baby & Mother Reflexology • "Treat Mummy and Me"

I can aslo combine a reflexology treatment for you, and for your baby, in one session. A beautiful nurturing and bonding time for you and your baby.

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