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Baby & Maternity Reflexology

Is your baby having difficulty sleeping or suffering from colics, reflux? Are you experiencing post-partum effects such as post-natal muscular pain, headaches, or stress? Do you want to create an everlasting bond with your little one?


Reflexology can offer you real solutions to overcome these challenges and help you positively restore a healthy balanced life with your baby. Reflexology is an «enhanced foot massage» based on the theory that there are areas on feet linked to every part of the body. Reflexologists work these points aiming to bring those body areas back to balance.


Kangaroo Reflexology specialises in reflexology for babies, post-natal reflexology treatments for mothers, and empowers parents by teaching them simple baby reflexology techniques to use at home. Kangaroo Reflexology takes its roots in the skin to skin ‘Kangaroo Care’ given to premature babies at hospital. It has been demonstrated that it helps premature babies regulate their heart beats to feel calm and safe. It helps new mothers too by reducing stress level and connect with their babies in a really special way.  The extension of this care at home is ‘Kangaroo Reflexology’, a specialised reflexology practice which supports this unique symbiotic ‘mother-baby’ bond. 


With a Kangaroo Reflexology ‘mother and baby’ treatment, a new mum can combine a reflexology treatment for her and for her baby, in one session. A beautiful nurturing and bonding time for both of them.


About me

Juliette Barré

I am a fully qualified Reflexologist from the London School of Reflexology and BabyReflex school.  I am an Accredited Member of the Association of Reflexologists, the professional reflexology association in the UK.


I am a mother of two, and passionate about reflexology. As a mother of a prematurely born daughter and asthmatic son, I tested many solutions myself. Reflexology has given tools to alleviate some of my children’s symptoms and create special bonds with them. Now I'd like to share them with you. 

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Mother Post Natal Reflexology

Baby Toes

Baby Reflexology

Reflexology can improve sleep patterns, can boost the immune system and help with the symptoms of colics, reflux, constipation, wind, tummy upsets, teething pains and ear congestion

Juliette taught me some reflexology sequences for my baby girl who had with issues with colics. You can tell her passion comes through in her gentle and incredible healing hands. Juliette is kind, insightful and very knowledgeable. It is great to learn from her how to replicate these movements on my baby. She made me feel empowered with these simple techniques when I was feeling lost with the symptoms of colics.



I have had a wonderful experience with Juliette, always feeling relaxed and more energised after her treatments. She is an incredibly gentle, kind and intuitive practitioner and I recommend her 100%.


Juliette has magic hands! Best treatment ever! She also always finds the time to discuss any findings from your session at the end of your treatment with a lot of empathy and care.



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