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Kangaroo Reflexology

Kangaroo Reflexology’s mission wants to support the unique ‘mother-baby’ bond by providing specialised pre and post natal reflexology treatments, for all mothers and their babies (former preterm or term babies).

According to the Association of Reflexologists, “reflexology is totally safe and suitable for babies. They are incredibly receptive to ‘touch’ so they can gain benefits from the shortest of treatments”. I will focus on the specific needs of your baby and will adapt a treatment accordingly. I will also teach you, the mum, a few simple techniques to use at home with your baby. You can then incorportate short reflexology sequences in to your morning, afternoon or bedtime routines. Once you realise reflexology is possible in your new baby’s routine, you will truly value its benefits. I can aslo combine a reflexology treatment for you, and for your baby, in one session.


Kangaraoo Reflexology takes its roots in the ‘Kangaroo care’ concept: "the care of preterm infants carried skin-to-skin with the mother’ (World Health Organisation, 2003) showing to increase infant immunity, maintaining physiological stability (feeling calm and safe) and fostering attachment between the mother and her baby. This is also a care that ‘every parent should be able to experience with his or her newborn, whether premature or term, sick or healthy, big or small!’ (DiMenna, 2006). I have myself gone through caring for a preterm baby a few years ago, and had done a lot of Kangaroo care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Chelsea and Westminter hospital during the first few weeks of my first baby. This was essential in connecting with my baby, in a highly medicalised environment.

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